Kuala Lumpur, 29 May 2019 – MASkargo is relaunching its freighter flights between Kuala Lumpur (KUL) and Guangzhou (CAN), a thriving cargo route for the eCommerce market in both regions. The first KULCAN service is set to commence on 4th June 2019 until December 2019. The new route weekly services will operate on Day 2 and Day 5 departing KUL at 2210 and arriving CAN at 0215 next day. The scheduled freighter will utilize MASkargo’s A330-200F fleet which could accommodate up to a 60-ton capacity and expected to generate a stream of business worth of MYR20Mil.

MASkargo A330-200F, that flies worldwide with up to 60 tons cargo capacity.

Mark Jason Thomas, the Chief Commercial Officer of MASkargo, said, “the year-over-year global growth has overseen a substantial decrement in the total cargo carried, measured in freight tonne kilometers (FTK) and a significant increment in the freight capacity, measured in available freight tonne kilometers (AFTK) for 2019. Hence, this weakening trend has inflicted the capacity growth to outstrip the demand growth so far. In accordance with this, MASkargo will adjust its network schedule to fully optimize its overall offering for the upcoming second and third quarters. This will allow the company to ensure profitable load factors and continued deployment of its aircraft at optimum levels, moving forward.”

“Hence, we are pleased to re-introduce these KUL-CAN scheduled freighters, in view of the increasing demand of eCommerce shipment from China into Malaysia and also vice versa. The scheduled services will further boost MASkargo’s revenue by capitalizing on the untapped business. It is MASkargo’s strategy to mount scheduled services to the new destinations to cater for the impending demand.” Mark Jason Thomas, added.

The KUL-CAN freighter service will support the current belly service on MH flights that are into more than 10 points in China, paving way for more movement of eCommerce items between the two countries. MASkargo offers its customers a uniquely extensive and high frequency network consisting of belly capacity and freighter connections. We have traditionally taken a flexible approach in planning our fleet and network, in order to suit the customer requirement. This has allowed us to respond quickly to that normalizing demand in the market to ensure that our operations remain cost-effective.

Apart from eCommerce movement, MASkargo also offers special-handling services for pharmaceuticals, live animals, perishable items and halal products.